Vyasa Yoga Singapore

A proud and contributing member of AYTA, Vyasa Yoga Singapore was founded in 2011 in affiliation with S-VYASA Bengaluru, an education establishment with a great global reputation. With said accreditation from an International Organization such as S-VYASA, and scientific approach to yoga, they have established themselves within the community as a leader in the field, with a family which extends to over 2000 trained yoga instructors and 500 trained yoga therapists.

It offers a range of services such as Yoga Instructor courses (YICC), Yoga Therapy Courses (YTCC), Advanced Hatha Yoga Instructor Courses (AHYICC), group and 1:1 yoga therapy sessions and regular Yoga classes. They organize workshops, seminars, and conferences to share the latest techniques, research, and developments in the field of yoga and to share the therapeutic applications of regular yoga practice.

Vyasa Singapore endeavors to promote positive physical and mental health through advanced techniques for stress management, emotion mastering, energization, and meditation. AYTA members could benefit from its well-established reach among the yoga community.

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