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The birth of Vivekananda Yoga Program ® is attributed to a team of dedicated people from S-VYASA. It is an outreach for making Yoga a socially relevant science. VYASA Health Care (VHC) Pvt. Ltd. is establishing wellness and holistic centers globally with the brand name, Vivekananda Yoga Global (VYG) ®, and a trade name, Vivekananda Yoga (VY) ®. It's goal is to create a more visible, recognizable identity that people around the world will associate with the exclusive and exceptional services offered.

Under this goal is also a future prospect of patenting various yoga programs, which would be unique and are backed up by research. The patents and trademarks highlight their distinctiveness and authenticity.

Behind Vivekananda Yoga Program ® is its wide-scope and depth of learning and is suitable for practice by all, as the organization aims at sharing the scientifically proven yoga practices with everyone for better health and harmony. This venture acts as a boon for the members of AYTA in their pursuit of individual goals as they adopt the most original forms of yoga, customized for a particular practice to achieve various positive health objectives. The effectiveness of all of VY programs has been validated through the western science testing methodology making it more acceptable internationally. The guaranteed success in these programs comes from years of in-house research and also through cooperative research with many credible universities and research centers around the world over the past three decades.

One of VHC’s fundamental tasks is to provide both current and future international Vivekananda Yoga® instructors and franchisees with all the essential support, ranging from administration to marketing, and to ensure that they are fully equipped with the resources they need to function most effectively and efficiently, regardless of what regions they serve.

VHC acts as an industry partner for Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anuasandhana Samsthana (S-VYASA) Deemed University, Bengaluru and would brings its authentic research and several path-breaking projects to the world’s notice and in the process paving a way for long due right recognition to yoga, its pioneers and to its place of origin, India.

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