Vivekananda Yoga Korea

Vivekananda Yoga Korea initially was called as VYASA Korea. In 2011 it was established in South Korea based on the core concepts of S-VYASA, 'Yogic Science', 'Yogic Therapy' and 'Yogic Life'. Various yoga classes are being developed and introduced with the aim of promoting health, i.e. balance at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of general trainees. It has been operating YIC, SVYASA's official yoga instructor course since 2011. The YIC curriculum of this school introduces the contents of specialized fields such as science, medicine, humanities, psychology, and sports medicine to suit Korea's situation.

Vivekananda Yoga Korea was one the founding members of Asian Yoga Therapy Association and was the principal organizer of 2nt Asian Yoga Therapy Conference in 2017 in Miryang, South Korea.

  • 2011 VYASA-Korea Establishment, Seoul
  • 2011 YIC (International Yoga Program at Vivekananda Yoga University) (Korea)
  • 2013 Swami-Vivekananda 150th Anniversary Event/Yoga Olympiad (Sookmyung Women's University) hosted and organized
  • 2014 Swami Medhasananda (former president of Ramakrishna Mission) hosted and organized an invitational lecture
  • 2014 Relocation of VYASA-Korea Headquarters (Sadang) and change of name (Vivekayoga)
  • 2015 Hosted and organized the 1st UN International Yoga Day and Yoga Flash Mob (COEX)
  • 2015 Operation of BP&B prenatal and postpartum professional yoga instructor courses
  • 2016 Vivekananda Yoga Global, established (VYG-Korea)
  • 2016 Organized and operated the 2016 Summer Forum Yoga Program for the Federation of Korean Industries
  • 2017~ Currently, Miryang Arirang International Yoga Festival is hosted.
  • 2019 Samsung Electronics-Prison Project, Yoga Meditation Lecture Planning and Supervision.

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